Jun 25, 2021 • 49M

Infrastructure Deal's Uncertain Future

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Host Sarah Isgur is joined by Steve Hayes, Jonah Goldberg, and David French for a weekly thoughtful discussion on politics, policy, and culture.
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Sarah and Chris Stirewalt welcome RealClearPolitics associate editor and columnist A.B. Stoddard to the show today to run the gamut of the week’s political news. They discuss whether the bipartisan infrastructure deal is actually a compromise (and whether it can pass), why Kamala Harris is finally traveling to the border, and what needs to happen in Congress to preclude a nightmare scenario for the Republic in January 2025.

Show Notes:

-The Morning Dispatch breaks down infrastructure negotiations

-Dems Botched Voting Rights; They Need a New Bill (A.B. Stoddard, RealClearPolitics)

-The Sweep: Election Day in Gotham