Jul 15 • 1HR 0M

Inflation Surges to 40-Year High

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Host Sarah Isgur is joined by Steve Hayes, Jonah Goldberg, and David French for a weekly thoughtful discussion on politics, policy, and culture.
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Sarah, David, and Jonah reflect on the problem of inflation, which surged to 9.1 percent this week and look ahead to the presidential race in 2024. Will there be a showdown between Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and former President Donald Trump to win the Republican nomination? Our hosts wrap up with a discussion of shifting coalitions within the political parties.

Show Notes:

-TMD: June’s Very Bad, No Good Inflation Report

-New York Times: Most Democrats Don’t Want Biden in 2024, New Poll Shows

-Axios: The great realignment

-The Dispatch: How Joe Biden Set Himself Up for Failure

-Pew Research Center: Religiously, nonwhite Democrats are more similar to Republicans than to white Democrats

-First Images from the James Webb Space Telescope